The influence of music on a person’s sexual desire has been known for a long time. Our ancestors at the instinctive level realized that some melodies and rhythms can awaken the burning passion and desire for intimacy as soon as we hear them. Vocal music is also capable of this. The low, slightly hoarse voice of vocalists is associated with eroticism, so many performers of electronic music are looking for female singers with this type of voice for recording vocal parts.

The influence of music on the sense of pleasure interested American scientists. They conducted an experiment in which the level of dopamine in the blood of the participants, the pleasure hormone, was recorded during the experiment. Among other activities offered for the test, was listening to music and having sex. Immediately after the experiment participants started doing their favorite thing and scientists registered the level of dopamine entering the blood. Listening to music and having sex gave almost the same indicators.

But what if we combine these two activities? With the right setting, the sensation of having sex and listening to music is close to ecstasy. Under the right setting we mean the mood of the participants in the experiment, the environment and the playlist, created with the musical tastes of the lucky ones. If you comply with all the conditions, the sensations will be close to narcotic euphoria – this fact, by the way, is also confirmed scientifically.

But not all people get to indulge in two activities at the same time and get a new, positive sensual experience. For some, music becomes an obsessive distraction, whatever it is. The person starts to distract from his or her partner and follow the development of the musical drawing of the composition. In other cases, everything happens vice versa: a person completely concentrates on the partner and tries to follow the intimate process at the maximum level of concentration, and the musical composition at that moment only distracts.

It is worth noting that the cases when music becomes an amplifier of pleasure derived from sex, are encountered much more often. The main thing is to find the right musical compositions. Most often, having sex, people listen to calm, melodic music with deep female vocals. The lyrics of the song are very important. It must be abstract and simple. Compositions with a complex, thoughtful text will only be distracting.

The main importance in music for sex is the temporal organization, in the first place – the rhythm section. And the rhythm does not have to be any special; it is enough if it is very clear, elastic and underlined: it creates a feeling of tension, so to speak, pulling the spine of the listener. A chemically pure example of such music is the “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel: a fifteen-minute play, masterfully constructed on a completely unchanging rhythmic figure, continuously performed by a small drum.

Secondly, the tempo is related to the same temporary organization: fast or fussy music (as well as loud and “stepping”) can not be erotic, as a non-erotic voice of the coach giving commands on the court. Conversely, the music is smooth, unhurried, creating a feeling of both bliss and tension, is associated with the erotic situation, when the pupils are dilated, and the movements are slightly slowed down. Let’s listen to the “Lujon” by Henry Mancini. And do not forget to drink martini while listening.

There are, of course, other things that we traditionally associate with eroticism, for example, the use of certain timbres or the above-mentioned cat’s smoothness and the viscidity of the melody. One of the most famous examples of using such signs is the Dance of the Seven covers from the opera “Salome” by Richard Strauss.

If you are dating someone from and you do not know how to choose music for sex, focus on such signs as: an unchanging rhythm section, a viscous, “cat’s” melody and a low tempo.