Vettrivaanoli – Tamil Radio Online


Vettrivaanoli – Tamil Radio Online

Vettrivaanoli is a UK based newly launched Tamil hit music station with innovative, fresh, original ideas. Vettrivaanoli is the outcome of a group of incredible people who wanted to show the world how entertaining radio can be. The hosts of our radio station are from different backgrounds and with variety of passions, who are dedicated to give real entertainment to listeners. Together, our past, current, and future hosts have created a truly exciting destination for radio listeners. The idea of delivering radio over the Internet led us to envision a new and different kind of a radio station that offers variety of original programmes with great entertainment value to its listeners. Apart from being a music station, Vettrivaanoli engages in organizing and giving media sponsorship to community events. We also focus on providing specialized broadcastingtraining to volunteers who are interested in becoming Radio Jockeys.

Vettrivaanoli holds a prominent position due to its innovative programming strategy and up to date News reporting pattern. Though the station was launched recently, it began broadcasting 24 hours a day and quickly gained recognition among listeners and the number continues to grow drastically. Vettrivaanoli continues to grow and expand its show line up, offering you more reasons to come back.

Entertaining… Cool…Fun-filled…. That’s the other name of Vettrivaanoli. Stay Tuned!!!

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